Friday, December 17, 2004

YOU on MNN in Manhattan

last night Jay hosted his weekly call-in show, YOU, on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.
a bunch of bloggers logged onto ichat AV and we made an appearance...


Anonymous said...

For all you video bloggers out there:

Anonymous said...

ryan-what happened? Normally, you do his cool stuff thats interesting and CREATVIE but instad you showed a bunch of guys that basically were thrilled over the fact that they could all talk at once-COOL DUDE-and they think that they are changing the course of history with this crap-and speaking os dudes I noticed that the only GIRL on the post was wearing a spaghetti strap tee shirt-hmmmmmm-makes me think that there is something going on here-a bunch of lonely web boys-a girl in a sexy tee shirt-hmmmm-YES MAN, THE FUTuRE OF BROADCASTING IS HERE! (okay, I've had a bit of tequila......)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yeah, and the only links you have to other videobloggers are doods too.

ryanne said...

aye aye aye
is this mark?
yeah the sexy shirt thing, well what can i say, my sweatshirt was in the other room
and i hadnt really thought too much about it.
i'm sexy and i just can't help it man.

i'll post some female bloggers soon, i promise.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all you boys.

You should be applauding Ryan for even being able to do this shit, not tearing her down for wearing spaghetti straps or because she hasn't posted other lady bloggers.
There is a huge discrepancy right now with the number of women in technology vs. the number of men, and I know because I teach for a specially funded after-school program for girls that encourages them to be proficient in things like building robots and calculators, and using all kinds of software. And why? Statistics show that girls don't get the same attention boys do in these areas in academic settings.
I guess its just another one of those things, like firing guns and running the country, that girls just can't do better than boys.

So Ryan, right on. Keep up the good work changing things. And next time, go naked if you want.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Joy. I think you should go on naked. Screw all those boys. They just can't get their heads off of sex. Pathetic. Rock on girl!