Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I'm excited about videoblogging because...


Verdi said...

That was funny - made me laugh out loud.

Liza said...

Heck Yeah!
Im glad you're playing with the videoblog format- seems to really fit with what you do, 'short and sweeet' or not so sweet, but still... short. Look forward to seeing more. rockit!
see me at:

marty allen said...

VIDEO a day, eh?
rock on, ms ryanne.

you are funny with your bleeps.


Steve Garfield said...

You are so funny!!!

I gave you a link.

It says, in part, "An internet video blogging superstar is born."

"She should be the first person ever given a raise for videoblogging on her job. "

Anonymous said...

Mamma mia...bravissima! You make me smiling in a bad sad day!

Unknown said...

*laughing* :)

(this is Charlene from the 24/7 project)

Unknown said...

I just wrote a long comment that was witty and funny but Google ate no evil my butt...

anyway you are going to see a lot of requests to approve my posts as I am on an early vlog kick..