Thursday, April 26, 2007

Treehugger: Propping up Coke, Not Publishing Comments

last night i was checking out this post on so i decided to comment making some critical remarks about coke, but the comment never got published. there are other comments published so i know it's not a technical issue. treehugger, WTF? my sister, ashley, from also commented and did not get published. below is the comment that she wrote:
That's great that their "going green" in one office building. What about their bottling plants all over the world that deplete ground water? What about their millions of plastic bottles which are shipped far and wide only to feed sugar water to the world's poorest and pollute their streets and communities? Maybe they should invest that 3 million into educating themselves about their own deplorable environmental record.

Treehugger, while I appreciate most of your blogging efforts, it pains me to see the lack of critical thinking in reporting these stories. Where is the context? If we continue to see efforts like this as moving forward while ignoring the bigger issues that set back efforts to make a safer, greener world, wouldn't that be called 'green washing'? If TH continues to dumb down real environmental problems with companies like Coca Cola then TH is just a part of the problem.

i had a great conversation with some vloggers on twitter about this. thanks for that guys. and while i think it's an overall positive that a company (or rather certain people in a company) realize it's imporant to go green, that certain other people in that same company need to change more than just their building, they need to change their business practices as well. max and stacy from karmabanque radio always have an interesting take on how to get corporations, esp coke, to change through boycotts and the power of the stockholders. go check them out. also check out this wikipedia article on people's criticisms of coke.

what do you think? let's have a conversation. that's why i have a blog, so we can talk back and forth. treehugger is usually pretty good about that. i'm surprised and disappointed that they are choosing to shut the conversation down before it can even begin.

UPDATE: a few hours after i posted this, some comments on treehugger's article are being published. good on ya, treehugger.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day!

RyanIsHungry: What Does Green Look Like?
direct .mp4 file, yo

Today is Earth Day. Well every day is Earth Day really. Jay and I have been vlogging a bunch over at RyanIsHungry now that we have the PodTech deal. This week we're posting a series on two super green geeks Mikey Sklar and Wendy Tremayne who are building an eco hotel in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I'm pretty excited to publish these videos because Wendy and Mikey are total pioneers, spending their savings to live the way they want to live. Truly inspiring. Go check out the first video!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

VBWeekDay7: Boats n' Ducks

this is what we see out our window. strange. happy end of VBWeek. hurray. nap time.

VBWeekDay6: The Kitchen After

VBWeekDay6: The Kitchen After
direct .mp4, yo!

ok ok the kitchen is not fully done, but you get the picture, eh? funny having jay, verdi and i in one house. we just sit on the computers and twitter each other. talk, why talk?

Friday, April 06, 2007

VBWeekDay5: 400 Dollars

say goodbye to my truck. the U joints on the drive shaft died and were too expensive to replace. luckily i had met someone last week who wanted to buy it. so then i treated myself to lunch, if you are as addicted as i am to this food, you'll know where i was...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

VBWeekDay4: The Kitchen During

to be continued, yet again. i'm still vlogging over at ryanishungry too. check it out! is it only day 4? i'm tired! now i have to go watch some other peoples stuff!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

VBWeekDay3: The Kitchen Before

VBWeekDay3: The Kitchen Before
direct .mp4 file

to be continued...

VBWeekDay2: Things I Saw Today

today was filled with paint and video and twitter. tomorrow's forecast is looking pretty similar.
check out my double VBWeek efforts over at RyanIsHungry. yeah, doing double time here people.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


it's officially videoblogging week 2007 y'all. one video a day for a week. my theme is to make 30 second videos. yeah, count 'em 30 whole seconds. how much info can i pack into 30 seconds? we'll see won't we?

check out (and use!) the CC bumpers we made at SuperHappyVlogHouse HERE.