Thursday, December 09, 2004


Deplorable is my vocab word of the week. I just happen to be using it a lot.
I keep thinking of stories i want to tell and here are some of them...


Anonymous said...

dude, i love your video blogg.
your stories cracked me up tonight! i never think of elementary school teachers as smokers... but i guess i never think of nannies as doing most of the stuff that i do- so there you have it.
i hope that the naked lady is the guy's ex-girlfriend! ha ha ha ha!
when we get back in june, we'll be in the market for some phat cargo van art. start brain storming now! maybe we'll get a picture of that guys ex-girlfriend!

love ya,

Anonymous said...

dude it's seth - nice facial acrobatics - glad you've mostly dropped the fakeumentary style - you make me miss my own personal video journal - asswipe

ryanne said...

facial acrobatics....exactly!
good one seth.

(on my way to get some naked people painted on the hood of my subaru)

Josh Leo said...

I love smell memories, smellories? I have some favorite ones form my childhood too.