Saturday, December 04, 2004

V-Blog Conversation

a response to jay's video

Geek-Fest USA

ok kids
i re-un-compressed this, huh?
i made this video way more bearable using the free 3ivx codec for QT pro.
thanks to Daniell Krawczyk from the yahoo group who suggested i download this for compression.

!!!!GUYS you have to try this compressor!!!!
it's like sorenson squeeze (which is an amazing compressor that costs 400$)
only it's free. hell yeah.
it's doing wonders for the video size and quailty choices.
can i get an AMEN?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryanne. Nice to meet you!
Awesome stuff.
Can't wait to see more. Tough to explain the incredible difference between this way of working and editing all day, but I certainly am with you!

Unknown said...

Hi Ryanne,
I've been enjoying (laughing in CA!) your videos this morning. I'm particularly amused by your time-lapse silent films. What is the music you're using and what genre would you call it?
Compressing the living hell out of video is OK, but (I need to start nagging everyone about this) please, don't do it to the audio. Maybe it is just me, but I don't mind (too much) jerky video in a postage-stamp size window, but the audio artifacts tend to dehumanize human voices and are particularly annoying.
I love your work, but I wan't to really hear your voice when you are talking!
p.s. I'm working on a counter-example on my blog.

Anonymous said...

oh my god ryan you are such a DORK for being a videoblogger...and a lot of other reasons too. but you are funny and i love you (even though i am TOTALLY embarrassed to be best friends with a VIDEOBLOGGER). xo anonymous jason warren talbot

Anonymous said...

Yo yo, Miss Ryan, just didn't want you to forget that not everyone has the 3ivx video codec installed on their computers...

Before you go buck-wild compressing all your videos with it, be sure that those who you hope will view your vog/vlog/video-blog entries, will be able to view them, without much trouble (trouble to many, is going to a website, to download new software, then finding it to download, then installing it, then going back to your website - though assuming all your fans are die-hard, may be wiser ;o) -- unless, of course, you are on more of a crusade, getting people to install the admittedly-best video codec publicly-available right now... in that case, you should continue on this path, and ask for the "amen" each time you post a video! :oD (...until H.264 comes out, then you may have a new fish to fry)

So that's my, as they say, 2 cents.

a John you know...
...a Mac John....
....a fellow geek.....
.....come on!, don't you know who it is!!

Quirk said...

"Oh wait, PBS doesn't give a SHIT about what I want"

I fucking lost it.


Josh Leo said...

Seriously...I really think that being a videoblogger and being a being of the night go hand in hand...none of us sleep!

Anonymous said...

I'm here too! Great site to get your Vlog seen by people - check out

It's going to be an online daily 'channel' promoting blogging. Free to use, free to watch and there's going to be a free tool that allows you to upload the video.

At the moment, they're running a competition where you can vote on who should present it.

I think it's cool, and great publicity for blogging!

Unknown said...

I remember the late nights myself when I started, I guess because it was all so new and exciting, do you miss that? The newness, the excitement of making a video, I guess there can only be one "first" time, huh...