Sunday, December 12, 2004

Poker Night

friday night is poker night!


marty allen said...

i was in your blog!
thanks for a pokernight blog (and talkytalky intro).

{we love you, yves.}

i was talking to andywade the other night and we were talking about your blog and how much we like it. we agreed that it is just like having a conversation with you. ("when she laughs, i laugh!")

i think it is worth noting for the people of the world that we have been doing poker night on almost every friday night for...i least 3 or 4 months? a while. we love pokernight so much.


Steve Garfield said...

Hi Ryan,
You don't really make a 'blog', you make a 'blog post' on your blog.

So instead of saying, "my poker friends wanted be to make a blog about poker."

It should be, "my poker friends wanted me to make a blog POST about poker."

A blog is made up of multiple posts.

I'm just sayin' ;-)

Keep blogging!!!


marty allen said...

so sayeth:


Anonymous said...

your blog "POST" made me love yves even more than i already suspected i did.
now when i think of yves, i smile a lot! yay!thanks!
and i love you like always (always like before)!
i como no !

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amy. I feel loved.