Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Mitt Romney

Big ups to a certain friend, who shall remain nameless,
for sending me Sorenson Squeeze so i can compress beautifully.
Thanks dude.


Anonymous said...

oh my god i'm not even done watching this and i have to leave a comment. you are SO like an old lady who is AMAZED by the technology of the VCR. haha. except you understand technology. technology is dumb. dude pen & paper, envelope, stamp, mail. down with the internet.


YRG said...

It's funny you mention that video ichat software. I remember when the internet was first made commercial back in '94. I logged on to a site that used CUSeeMe, videoconferencing software developed at Cornell. The Web page showed 6 video screens to a page where people could chat and talk to one another. I don't remember if there was voice too, but I wouldn't be surprised. The thing was, this was before webcams became popular, and so the technology was not quite there yet, and everyone moved at 15 frames a second.

I sound like an old man. Can you believe 1994 was 10 years ago? I can't. Anyway, you can see the old description here. Apparently, they were bought out and they're now called CUWorld.

It's funny you posted the Top Shelf clip. The laugh track sounds totally corny if you don't know the show...

Anonymous said...

funny! I want to see the shows now.
how's the bandwidth going? It's strange, I think of it when I go to your site and when I see you in the videos, I think you are full.