Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Meet Marta and paperrad.org

two wonderful things that exist in the world...

will this show up on the crazyplaylist on me-tv.com?


Anonymous said...

how did he know how my brain worked?


Chuck Olsen said...

My head a'splode!
Sooo good

Anonymous said...


I just found your site, and I guess I hoarded a bit more of your bandwidth :)

This vlog is great. I just saw your super8opera.mov and .. wow. I guess I will use my digital camera a bit more - it is just a still camera but hey I can do small quicktime movies on it as well. And I will videlog. If I can figure out how to upload stuff that is. Hmm.

My point in commenting was just this: Have you ever heard of Videohometraining? Their site is at: http://www.videohometraining.nl/ The style of paperrad reminded me of them. VHT are based here in Bergen, Norway and I saw them at this place called Landmark earlier this year. It was a Micromusic (www.micromusic.net) event, and I was fascinated by the whole scene. Anyway, take care, and thank you for inspiring me to go videolog myself - at least to Try :)

Raymond aka dltq