Sunday, October 29, 2006

Random Moment: Jay is sick

Tibetan Kids Vlogging!

Tibetan Kids V!
direct .mov file

We've had some flaky internet the last couple days. Moving around from a family's house to a hotel where we have internet thanks to the German hackers who wired up a mesh network over there. Hurray for wifi hackers!!

Check it out though, we've been teaching some Tibetan teenagers how to vlog. It's a difficult task when they have a computer lab full of donated PCs with Windows 98 on them. Thank goodness some folks donated a Mac mini so it'll be possible to edit and upload some imovie fun. Check out what they've done so far at

I'm getting a little homesick and last night Jay had cold chills and couldn't sleep. Getting sick in India sucks and we hope it's not malaria. Please god, not malaria.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tibetans Killed Traveling to Dharamsala

The television footage you see here has been circulating the internet for the last couple weeks. It originates from Pro TV a Romanian TV network. It really emphasizes the power of video as hard proof of what happens in the world. The Chinese government denies that the Tibetans were killed in cold blood. They claim they shot in self defense and that the Tibetans were threatening them. We can clearly see in the video that this is not the case. For a more in depth story see the Boing Boing post. I made this video for myself as well as all you, to try to communicate the reality of what these people have gone through and continue to go through to live free lives. Every child at this Tibetan Children's Village in Dharmasala have made that dangerous trek from Chinese occupied Tibet. Some never make it.

for more info on Tibet's struggle-

Chinese Soldiers Kill Tibetan Pilgrims
for the full video from Pro TV

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hangin with Parasher

After we presented at the University (see that video at Momentshowing), we hung out with Parasher and he showed us around Mumbai. Mumbai is huge and filled with people and traffic and food and sounds. I generally dislike shooting out a car window, feels lazy to me, but man, the stuff you see out the car window in India is unlike anything else. I also like to see what TV is like in other places. Equally as bright and flashy, but so different. Well, except for all the American programming that gets played. And Cricket! Cricket is nuts.

p.s. while i'm fully enjoying my time in Dharamsala at the Air Jaldi conference, something that is pissing me off is, as usual, there are all men speakers and panelists. WTF! Here I am half way around the world and I'm at a fucking boys club tech conference again. I guess it's the same everywhere. See the Schedule HERE, help me find the women, because i'm only seeing like 2.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Party Unbelievable

Party Unbelievable
direct .mov file

man this took all day to finish!! first my compression was fucked up- h.264 does this thing sometimes where it compresses fine for the first half of the video, and then the second half is all shitty looking and super compressed. that kept happening every time i tried, finally i pieced it together in QuickTime Pro. Sheesh! and then i tried to upload to blip and for some reason, here in india, uploading to blip is a pain in the ass. because it says it's all uploaded, but it's tricking you and just sitting there with the progress bar full while it continues to upload for real. so it's midnight...and i'm finally publishing this! just for you to see some monkeys and cobras- it was worth it!

today i was sick. which i think is normal for me when i travel, i tend to get easily overwhelmed and this translates into a head cold. this is exactly what happened. and i'm sad i missed out on some cool things, like hanging out with FTI Pune film students and telling them about videoblogging. SIGH. but i got some rest, and that's what i needed. boo.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


direct .mov file
man oh man! am i tired. we just spent a little over 24 hours in Mumbai (aka bombay) one of the biggest cities in the world, bigger than NYC in terms of population density. my head is still spinning from all the activity and people and rickshaws and people and exhaust. thanks to parasher (who you see in this video) for showing us around and letting us stay at his flat. thank god we have friends here!!

About the video- this is called mehndi, which is an application of henna onto the skin for decoration. it's pretty wide spread in the US now, so i'm sure some of you have heard of it and/or even had it done. it's fun to watch and these women were super fast and skilled. i'm totally getting this done for my wedding (someday).

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Second Day in India

Jay and I share a camera if you couldn't tell already. Thanks to Jay for editing! Also featured over at Momentshowing. we're heading to Mumbai tomorrow to do a presentation to some Mass Media students about videoblogging. Pretty darn cool.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pune, India: Our First Day

Pune, India: Our First Day
direct .mov file

We made it to India (Pune to be specific)! It's a damn long flight, but here we are. Enjoy the evidence of our first day.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Night Before

The Night Before
we go to india in the morning, though it will take about 30 hours! here's a little snippet to show off how little we packed. this is probably the least i've ever packed and we're going for a month. i'm impressed with us.

be warned, this video is compressed with h.264, so if you don't have quicktime 7, go get it so you can watch this and all other videos here after.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PSA-DIY: The Desk

this video is a 3 week journey. a 10 min, 49 mb, 3 week journey. i am experimenting with making video sizes larger, as are a few other folks like schlomo and because we've been working with widescreen stuff on RyanIsHungry and Scoble's show. so i'm less afraid to push it a little bit. enjoy!