Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Super 8 Opera

film film film is beautiful. video can't touch this shit.


James Arthur O'Brien said...

hello there. I have a question. Do you have rules for your posts? I was wondering if you had a rule that said once you start the camera THAT was going to be the post for the day, you couldn't go back and start over or anything lke that. Is that how it is?

Also I think it's dumb that people get married - Having someone to marry is like owning a Mercedes in Newton. Everyone's got one. I'm tired of it all!

Great work Ryan. This week I saw a flyer for your December 2nd Video show, but I felt like it was put up after December 2nd because it wasn't there a couple of days before I saw it!!! I hope it went well. If I knew beforehand, I would have been there.

keep it up! and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

HI! yay! you said hi to me!!! that makes me FAMOUS!
i love love your haircut. don't cut the little hangy downy part that you missed. it is perfect. i am growing my hair out to donate to "locks of love". it needs to be 10" long (the part that i'm going to chop off). i still have 2" to go. i don't know how fast my hair grows, but i'm hoping i can cut it off before we leave in june. i can tell you all this stuff in an email though. this is not what blog POST comments are for.
killer film and video for the people

Anonymous said...

How do you make that film look so filmy? such dreamy silver and celluloid. nice combination with the shadow images. I am totally obsessed with found the images. I have hundreds of olde negatives that I printed from all through college. I have some work with shadow play and found images on my site ( http://www.micascalin.net ) check it out when you get a chance.keeep the faith

Rupert said...

I just saw this for the first time because Raymond linked to it.
I love watching your excitement about it all, and the bandwidth thing. It's like time travel already.
But most of all, i love your Super8 images. Great stock you've got in there, and presumably a great old camera that's fizzing and popping with autoexposure?
It's funny - I used to shoot so much on all different formats, and now I just use my phone and occasionally my Kodak. It makes me want to play aroud with things again.
And it makes me feel so excited about the future :D