Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Meet Logan

Meet my brother, I love him, he is extraordinary.


Anonymous said...

logan rules!

Anonymous said...

dear ryan hodson,
i will try to find your brother on sunday. and i will cheer him on.
i love you.
and your blogging videos

marty allen said...

yayyy logan.
that is completely incredible and thrilling and amazing.
(these traits appear to run in the family)

as an aside: when i first met logan, i couldn't ever remember his name right. for some reason my brain always remembered his name as "dorango." which says a lot about my brain. if i were logan, i wouldn't mind being called "dorango." for races, he can be called"the bearded dorangoooo".
is "dorango" a kind of car? it should be....

it is now!

big congrats to captain logan and super sister hodson squadron supreme.

Anonymous said...

Ryanne, hi. Its Lulu's friend Matt. He passed me the present you made for him before he went to natz, and I have one thing to say. I wish my sister did that stuff for me! haha. I do have a sis with many editing skills like you, but she does not have the online blog thing going for her.

Once on your blog, I have been checking out your 'posts' and I think they are great.

People can put anything they want on their car. The more controversial they get, the more they risk their car getting keyed at the mall or something. I think that is the filter that holds us all in check with the hood as a medium. I mean, we can carry corporate logos on their and get paid for it.

Matt Kraus

Its to bad Logan did not win. He had what it took physically to kill all those grafitti artists.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the video of your bro Logan. Watching the win was truly amazing.
Ms. Ramirez