Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Lobster Building

my friend, marty, and i made this video for a song he wrote
for his song a day blog.


Anonymous said...



Plastic Toy Train

The time lapse wide angle shots of you working in the studio!!

Panning down to see the puppeteer is in costume having just as good a time as the puppet!

Good good good good things.

Chris Weagel

marty allen said...

isn't that an uncle monsterface song?

i wanted a cute ryanne-blog intro!
but i'll settle for an outstanding video that you made for my song.

thanks again ryanne, you rule 4-eva.
(we need to make another video, and i want to use that one in the uncle monsterface live rock show extravaganzatron)


ps: when do we get a blog about pokernight!?

Quirk said...

You and Congdon are the best things goin on Me-TV.

Incredibly cool and funny.


Jirosworld said...

Ofcourse as a real fan I already knew this piece...
Still awesome :-)

Chuck Olsen said...

aww dude i never saw this one b4--
crazy ass funk munch k00l!

Amanda said...

Ryanne, this is AWESOME. Hadn't seen it before either. So playful and fun. I love when we finally see the man (that's Marty I assume) behind the puppet towards the end. I can't wait till feb.1!

Anonymous said...

I just came to this one, it's a little under a year since you posted it...Quirk had said it was his favorite video...ever! It's damn good...damn good.