Friday, December 03, 2004

Dogme 95

go here before or after you watch the video
The Vow of Chastity
so smart, yet so prentious.

i actually love some dogme95 films, the celebration, see it, it's wonderful.

why am i doing this at 4am?
because i love making videos for you.


Steve Garfield said...

Oh my.

Liza said...

the backwards coiffure is awesome
after watching all yer posts, i've decided that we're related. either that or you live inside my head.

Anonymous said...

Ryan. This is James. I'm just too lazy to create an account that would have my name on it. I just want to say that your video blog rocks. And a comment on Dogma 95: Even better than Dogma 95 is Dog Pile 95...the doctrine of fast and shitty, founded by Lloyd Von Kaufman:

PS: Remember when we went to see Julian Donkeyboy? The was Dogma 95, right? That was so painful.

If you want to see a good Dog Pile 95 film, please watch Tales from the Crapper. You can borrow it if you like.

Over and Out


Anonymous said...

Watch Dancer in the Dark with Bjork.

Anonymous said...

Dancer in the Dark violates Dogme 95 egregiously, then excuses it by saying "Oh, it's the character's fantasy." That's lame, and, in my opinion, disqualifies it from consideration as a Dogme 95 film.

As "just a film," however, it's pretty good - so long as you ignore Lars von Trier's whininess about America.

[Another Anonymouse]

Clark ov Saturn said...

hail yeah! that one rocked! love the hair fixing action toward the end. i think this should also spawn a whole slew of using the camera as mirror while you put your face on type vlogs. i'd like to see a bunch of those. i don't know it's just kind of cool to see people in the mirror and what they do when they get ready. Go Dogme 95!

Viva le Vlogme 05!

Unknown said...

Make up? wow....I like doing the internal/external commentary thing too...all so often I think I am so lame...I mean I am, but I shouldn't always think it, you know?