Monday, December 13, 2004

Desperate Housewives

sunday night rant...


Anonymous said...

Wahey, I am new to the world of videoblogging and since discovering the community about a week ago, your videoblog has been one of the best inspirations so far.

I love the questions you are asking, because it is making me feel that I want to join in the conversation via video.

I will now resist the temptation to respond to any of your thoughts via text, must resist, must resist, must use video, soon :)

Anyway I hope you are enjoying videoblogging so far, I hope to start very soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, this is Eric #2. I like your Blog stuff. I have a website that lacks video, and you are inspiring me to get off my ass and figure out how to post vids.

If you took a shower, and then used fabric softener dryer sheets to towel off with, would your skin feel lighter and bouncier? And would this help older people get rid of wrinkles?

Anonymous said...

Ryan Hodson's VideoBlog:
The most entertaining television on non-television.

Anonymous said...

dude...what are you talking about? you need a blogger-boyfriend. get out of the house and into a DATE then you can tape the date and blog it up. if i were to live in an apartment above you i would bang on the floor at night and yell "stop blogging, i'm trying to sleep, go out and talk to living people so i can sleeeeeeeep'. or not. this is rad what you are doing, and so so dorky. your

marty allen said...

such an interesting skip in tone and tempo. this is a beautiful thing you are creating, ms ryanne. the blip in tempo is not a bad thing, it is another side of you. the real you that i am lucky to know.

it is so remarkable to watch this blog unfold. in and of itself it seems like such a thing as this video-blogging, head talking on a computer screen into the void and beyonding would feel like a one-sided conversation. at least in the case of your vblog (i confess to not having so much experience watching many others) it is everything but. i know that i and so many others watching it feel like a participant. we feel that way because we are. we all bring our own perspective to this conversation. sometimes i talk back to you.

ahh relationships and the great big sigh. we will never stop talking about it, because it goes on and on and on and on. my father had, i think, 3 kids by the time he was my age (not me yet, though). and it is so crazy. because you grow up and you realize that a lot of your parents ideas and values and actions aren't yours, or weren't good, or that they were (or are) foolish sometimes/all the time. or at least i have come to that realization about my parents. my parents were dumb enough to get into a bad marriage for the wrong reasons. i'm not. but then they had me, which i don't ever begrudge... but now i'm lonesome on friday nights. because i'm not a dumb jerk?!

i will take a flight on a red aeroplane and lose all of this baggage.

in the words of the immortal freddy mercury:
"find, me, somebody to loooove..."


Quirk said...

That post got me thinking about something a friend said the other night. He's my age (25) and married for a year now. I was out Friday getting my ear pierced like a pirate (gold hoop, video coming soon) when I got a text message from him saying, "Would I be better off single?".

My first response was to worry. He's been together with his wife for a long time (5 years before they were married) and I really like her so I worried that something was wrong with their relationship. Then I realized that wasn't what he was saying. He was asking me if he would have more fun if he was single.

Since I'm always honest with him I replied, "Probably, but I really like ______."

I've talked to him since and found out that he was just rambling and not to be taken serious that night.

Either way, I guess my point (blurry) is that marriage is just another way of saying "Your my friend, but I want you to be like my super-best-ever friend blood brother". So maybe we shouldn't start out looking for someone to marry, just someone to be our friend?

Inspired by above queen reference:
"I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now"

Anonymous said...

is this becoming a 'real world' confessional!?!
talking about relationships never goes out of style
but it does get different as you get older
i will post an example for you on wed.

Chuck Olsen said...

before, i think my fave vlog post of all-time was Jay's dazzling coffee cup. actually i still love that one, it's like... art, and like, look at the world differently. but this... wow.

i love that you shared all this stuff with us through your camera. it's brave, and intimate, and real and connecting. this is what it's all about. i posted a link to it on my friend Crystal's blog because she's kinda in the same boat. (a year ago she was very depressed after a breakup...)

i wanted to write "hey you should watch this little video from my friend ryanne." but well, you're not my friend exactly, but i feel like you are from watching your videos. you've posted lotsa funny stream-of-conciousness stuff, and then here you are on a lonely sunday nite. i had many lonely sunday tv nites too, lighting candles and, umm, having special time just for me, depressed because i was single, but also relishing that a little bit.

also, i'm totally apeshit for arrested development and david cross.

Chalupa said...

Randomly came across your blog this morning since I have nothing to do and the university I work for is shut down due to power outages. Wanted to say I love what you're doing here. I've been watching your videos all morning and they're very interesting and original and cool.

I've had some of the same thoughts you've voiced on relationships. I too come from divorced parents and have to say my dad leaving the picture was most definately for the best. I guess my biggest worry is that I could turn out like him. I don't think that'll happen though because I'm "aware" of that thought and try hard not to.

Oh hey - and nothing wrong with watching movies alone in your room. I do quite a lot of that myself.

Kelsey said...

I LOVE Desperate Housewives.
Don't you wish you could get away with half of the things those women do? ... well, I do, because then I'd be getting away with a whole bunch of crap.
I feel that relationships are a simple thing, they shouldn't be complicated, and if they are, there is something wrong. In ANY relationship you should just mesh... go together like... dunno, when you fold your hands together.
Meh, I like doing things alone, sometimes, you are way better company than any annoying person that asks 2-year-old questions durring good movies. "Who is he?" "... I dunno, do I look like a mind reader? Watch the effing movie!"
But blah.

Carl Weaver said...

Ryanne, sorry to be posting so late in the game, but I felt moved to put my two cents worth in about marriage and relationships.

I don't believe in fate or predestination or the person who is "the one." I think that's all a bunch of bunk people who are in love tell others so they can feel superior.

Marriage is great, but not a requirement or a necessity for happiness. I've been married for ten years and love it, but it's not for everybody. I think the best you can hope for is to find someone you can put up with and who can put up with you and you can have fun with. Friendship is the most important element.


PS - I bet you can find someone who also likes watching movies late at night on a laptop.