Friday, June 17, 2005

Things We've Been Working On

Jay and I have been creating a videoblog for Andrew Rasiej (Ra-Shay) who
is running for NYC Public advocate. We are happy to be helping his campaign really show who he is and what he cares about. At first I felt a little hesistant about volunteering to help his campaign, not too sure what his platform was. We come to find out that he's passionate about wiring all of NYC with internet access as a public service like it's water. Not bad! Ok I guess you do have to pay for water.. Watch all the videos I've edited so far HERE.
More videos to come, as soon as I recover from my 4 hour nap... hey today is my birthday I'm allowed to sleep all day.


Matthew Clayfield said...

What's his platform aside from wi-fi?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is fantastic, vlogs for the greater good, happy birthday.

Scott W. said...

Kudo's to Mr. Rasiej!

Happy Birthday, Ryanne!!

Levois said...

I have to admire this. The new face of elections on all levels. Why hasn't this been tried in Chi-town? Best of luck on this.