Thursday, June 23, 2005


join the fun and come to the first annual VLOGGERCUE!
Saturday, July 9th at whenever you get here.

ok ok, so we're just having a BBQ at Adam's loft in Hoboken, NJ
but a lot of people wanted to meet up (can you say vloggercon: the summer addition?)

see the list of attendees here
note that these folks are from all around the country.
we're even betting that markus is organizing a west coast vloggercue so we can video conference the two. how geeky is that?

get all the info here:

and if you are related to me or are from boston, you better get your ass on the fung wah bus to come down here that weekend. sucka!


Tim said...

Man, I so wish could come to this. As a new vlogger I could learn so much, and I'm only 2.5 hours away in Albany. How do summer weekends fill up so quickly?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, this video blogging is.
I would like to get in on this phenomenon.

I would need a video camera I suppose.

Do you have any suggestions on which I should buy? What kind of cameras do you use? I need one with USB 2.0 transfer b/c I don't have firewire. I'm looking online, do you know if the Panasonic GS35 is good?
Is an extended warranty a must buy?

All right.
I love you

Anonymous said...

I'll be at both vlogalithiouth eventh. Yay...The Thummer of Vlogth rollth onwardth!