Saturday, June 04, 2005


hodder, jay dedman, ryanne, nyc, iran


Chuck Olsen said...

i'm a card-carrying member of the Hoder fan club!

isn't he a handsome fellow?

let's hope he can return from that week, safe, having planted the seeds of videoblogging in iran.

R said...

go hodder!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. I'm pumped for the vlog love to proceed to permeate Persia post-haste. Seriously, very exciting.

James Arthur O'Brien said...

wow, that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some more footage of what you and Hodder talked about.

Quirk said...

Why are you doing this, Ryanne?
Teaching the world to videoblog.
Spreading the word.
I think it's a very good thing.
I think I know why you do it.
I just want to hear it in your own words.
Until very recently, when people asked me why I do this I didn't have a clear answer. I hadn't put all the pieces together yet.
I saw the big picture as more than the sum of it's parts only yesterday.
It scared me, in a good way.
It's a powerful weapon we're all wielding.

Good work so far.

Sorry I haven't been keeping up to date with your videos.