Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Video Distribution Is Now Democratized

for windows that is...
so the FireANT team (josh, jay, erik, daniel) just released FireANT for windows.
check out the video i made on why it will rock your world and how you can actually, practically get it to rock your world.

expect more videos from us in the near future on how to sync vids to your PSP and music to your ipod and how to do bit torrent stuff too.
what more to you want?

oh yeah and blog this will you? we need to spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Cool as heck.

Chris said...



I cannot say enough about this program, great work guys! I sense something really big coming from this...

Jen Simmons said...

Very cool video! I've been working to build an audience for emergingawareness.org -- and I'm expecting / hoping we'll get a lot of viewers who are not techies, who are outside of the community of people making videoblogs.... and THIS is perfect to help them understand what FireANT is and how to use it to watch our vlog. THANKS!!!!!! I'll be linking to this video from my websites' sidebars for a long time!

Freecia said...

love the chapters :)
joi.ito.com just pointed out how he loves these chapters.

BTW, ever read the article "Video blogging: content to the max":http://tinyurl.com/cg56t ?

I heard of fireant via make magazine podcast with rocketboom.

Duane Kuss said...

This looks totally awesome...
Ryanne, your ability to merge talking heads with on screen visuals I think is refreshing. Your sense of timing to keep it moving and to maintain my attention is perfect.

Will there be a Mac version?



Great stuff!

Hilton T. Blackwell said...

Very helpful!Thank you, really looking forward to more tuturials. I am learning great this way. Aloha

Anonymous said...



congrats to the whole team! y'all seriously rawk -- keep it up!

duncan speakman said...

i put off watching this for a while (cuz i knew it would make me cry when i looked at my current mac ant :( ).. but i'm glad i did.. 3 points of uber-coolness

1. the bbc is your first example! (wha-hey-u-k-news!)
2. you use a paperboy grab.. (extra old school geek points here)
3. the feed search is done for rwanda! , fireant helps with education too!!

oh yeah.. and it's a snazzy video too, it's been del.icio.us-ed


Anonymous said...

Great video for a great application.