Thursday, May 19, 2005

What Would I Rather?

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dltq said...

well, good question.

do you just Know how you are supporting the destruction of this earth with you choosing the flight when you Could be using the train? do you just realize how you are Sponsoring the lack of growth in the amtrak business, and thus you are in fact sponsoring amtrak shutting down?

Yeahyeahyeah, we all know we cannot save the world every day, and I guess if my company paid for my flight, I might choose it. But comeon, 4,5 hours is not a lot. Something else is say... Bergen - Copenhagen. Which is a trip that would take up 18 hours with bus or train. The flight takes about an hour. That's 17 hours saved.

Still, does That justify taking the flight if I don't need to?

I suggest you now go out and interview some environmental organization in Boston or New York, asking them for statistics about airplane usage in the US - the current trends. You could also email some professors at universities questions about this, or we could, and we could gather some information on this issue.

Oh, and I love the view from your window. I will stitch together some flying high footage and make a virtual map of the world. Or something like that. :)

ryanne said...

as you can see raymond
the exact same thing was going through my head.

Dave Counts said...

I'm trying to imagine the Fung Wah bus full of bald, white businessmen.

Dave Counts said...
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Anonymous said...

I love flying--the only thing is, I feel the same about driving--I want to be the one in charge of the machine!
But since I can't fly a plane (yet) I have to relax and let someone else do it. I love looking out the window at the tiny cars and miniature houses.

A.O. Flores said...

Funk Amtrak.
Its probably just as expensive to take the train as it is to take the plane.
The U.S. needs better rail travel. We should learn from Europe.
Amtrak sucks.

ryanne said...

this plane trip costed the exact same as the train...with the company discount. amtrak is gonna suck even more since bush cut their subsity by 100% next year.
yup. no money for amtrak at all.
so THEN what will be our choices?
they are run by the oil industry.
so few choices.

Luca said...

I'm not sure to which European Railroad are you referring to... just don't take Italian raild road as example. Good thing is that here railroad is really cheaper than the cheapest flight.
Ryanne: I'm working on a paper (I'm a PhD Student) about videoblog, how do you feel about some kind of interview?

Anonymous said...

actually, by the time you go to the airport, get there early, go through security, and all that stuff, the bus probably isn't much longer.