Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dave Winer: Done With Us


Verdi said...

All I can say is, "Just wait Mr. Winer, you'll be dying to have lunch with us."

alexander said...

Is this guy ignorant or what...

schlomo rabinowitz said...

Believe me, you don't want to have lunch with Mr. Winer-- he's just not that fun. Just like his overall sense of wonderment in personal web creation-- wrong-headed and boring.

Anonymous said...

The Buggles settled this issue, and that's that.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm ignorant...should the name
Dave Winer mean something to me?

And didn't video kill the radio star?

Matthew Clayfield said...

"And didn't video kill the radio star?"

Yes, in my mind and in my car.

Anonymous said...

The video makes it easier to see that Dave is a jerk. Grainly or not. But we really didn't need the video to know that anyway.

Richard BF said...

Look, I'm an audio guy, and I agree, audio leaves more up to the imagination, but text even more so, so hey fuck it, why not just not say anything ever, that'll leave it completely open to the imagination. One giant fucking information vacuum, yeah cause that's worked so far hasn't it? Revolution! Geez, podcasting, what I can I, so much buzz about the re-invention of fucking radio.

Video killed the rado star, yoooh arrrr...

Anonymous said...

oh, but. to see him with those cables!
so sexy. so real.
so good.
wind wind wind.
I wouldn't have any idea if this was just an audio piece. I could imagine, but god....ooooh. nothin' like the real thing baby! nothin.

Josh Leo said...


Anonymous said...

Oy. It sounded like you didn't ask permission to videotape him and he was irritated.

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is read his writings to know he's easily irritated. We wouldn't have RSS without him, let's not forget what he's done for us. However, since helping to start blogging he's become more of a hindrance than a help, if you ask me. Oh well, it was cool you got to meet him though, even if he wasn't the nicest guy to you.

Anonymous said...

How to video blog:

1. Annoy a guy by sticking a camera up his face

2. Tape him getting mad

3. Post video on blog posing as a poor and innocent victim of that guys well known arrogance.

ryanne said...

honestly, i knew very little about dave winer's personality. we were excited because he was talking about videoblogging so we chimed in. thats what i do at conferences, i tape conversations about videoblogging. annoyed or not, rolling camera or not, it was unbelievably rude to speak to ANYONE the way he did. i am not above appreciating the way he's paved for bloggers, but to speak to others with such a tone just makes you unapprochable. eventually we ended up at the same lunch place as him and he sorta, kinda offered us to come over. we politely declined.

Jay Dedman said...

i really like Dave Winer.
he believes in theory in the importance of the individual uder.
I loved his format of Bloggercon with his strict stance on no marketing.
he believes he truly wants people connected through communicate outside the tradiotanl media so we have a deeper, clearer, more textured view of the world.
and he has built a lot of the tools to help us get there.

so we're at a blogging conference...we had this chance to talk to him about a post he made on his blog about videoblogging...and he blew us off.
no excitement.
i guess his well-known arrogance is simply that nothing can happen unless it get translated through Dave Winer.
because i wanted to like him.
he's kind of a genius.

Chuck Olsen said...

I was once told by...someone... that to make Blogumentary interesting, all I really needed to do was follow Dave Winer around. He will create drama and contradict himself, and won't that be entertaining? Well, no...

I completely respect him too, and I agree audio is great because you can use your imagination, and it's a little easier to produce, and you can do other things while listening. That doesn't make it better than video, and video isn't better than audio, they're just different.

Verdi -- I don't think we should take the attitude that Dave Winer will be dying to have lunch with us, or that videoblogging will take over SXSW next year (like we were theorizing)... that's letting it go to our head, in retrospect. We don't want to end up with bloated egos like, well, Dave Winer.

Anonymous said...

In Dave's defense, perhaps he didn't want to spend lunch getting videotaped. I also don't see his recent blog comment about video. Dave's from the old school, when serious geeks rarely had acceptable social skills. People like Dave started this industry as hobbyists in the 70s; the complaints of rudeness are from people coming in recently with no sense of the established culture. I have friends that make Dave look as slick as a presidential candidate; these are guys who get tossed out of restaurants for yelling. Toothpaste is an unknown substance for them.

Matthew Clayfield said...

"How to video blog:

1. Annoy a guy by sticking a camera up his face

2. Tape him getting mad

3. Post video on blog posing as a poor and innocent victim of that guys well known arrogance."

How to Comment on Blogs:

1. Don't post anonymously. You'll find that no-one finds you very credible.

Anonymous said...

on 5.4.05...this is what Dave Winer said about videoblogging:

PBC Liberal posits that video blogging may displace podcasting in about (big radio pause) 5 seconds. I always dismiss that when asked, saying that podcasting is great because you can listen on a subway, while you're driving, or walking. But maybe he has a point.

Video is big with today's kids. I have gotten a whole new appreciation for it, carrying around the Archos. It's a kid magnet. They want to know what it is. I say it plays videos and music, and can run my own software. They think that part is really interesting. How do you get stuff on it, a seven year old asks. I connect it to my laptop. He nods knowingly. What interface? USB 2.0. Uh huh.

This is a new world ladies and gentlemen.

ryanne said...

thanks for the research
and the link!
i was wondering where that was...

Chris said...

Of Shit.

Also he is one vowel away from being a total weiner.

Who the hell cares what this guy has done/does? Bah. I love how all those "bloggers" were there taking notes and wondering how they were going to gain their fortune blowing wind at a microphone. There are far too many people podcasting and such to even bother trying to get into it for fame, first one must realize that there is always someone smarter, funnier, and more interesting than yourself. By being yourself, you are actually cultivating something worthwhile. If you are motivated by greed, then happy failure!

Prentiss Riddle said...

I don't get it -- there's no sign in the video that Winer had promised the vloggers a lock on his time or attention, nor for that matter that he'd agreed to be videoed.

They engaged him in some hallway conversation while he was busy with other things and he graciously talked to them for a couple of minutes, despite the unexpected camera. Then other people he wanted to talk to walked by and rather than let them get away he hollered, hey, you want lunch?

So where's the crime or the insult in that? Perhaps it would have been more polite if he had said "excuse me, I want to talk to my friends", but then it also would have been polite for the vloggers to say, "Hey, Dave, have you got a few minutes for us to vlog you? Is now a good time?"

barb dybwad said...

"So where's the crime or the insult in that?"

The insult is that instead of being smarmy, he could have just been real and direct and asked "hey, can you not videotape me right now?" As in, what's so hard about being nice?