Sunday, May 08, 2005

Our Blognashville Session


Doug said...

Let's take a look at most of the text blogs and podcast for that matter... they are boring, even worse than boring. I'm suprised at how many people ramble on about a subject and people actually sit down to read that crap. Same with podcast, I've listened to several, and now I don't listen anymore because they get so redundant and...boring. Nothing shows life or brings a message like video.

Chuck Olsen said...

You know, it really is like blogging in 1998. Or even in 2003, I was telling people how excited I was about blogging and making a documentary about it. I'd say this at parties or whatever. And people either had no idea, or they'd seen some blogs and just thought it was a vast wasteland. One writer I know said that. A year later, this same guys has 3 blogs. So, most people just aren't going to get it. Some might never get it - they can have TV. But over time I think the word will spread, and we'll continue to be surprised and moved by real people making video about their lives.

Complete side note, I had a dream i was in your and jay's apartment, chilling out and it was very cool. Someone dared Jay to just delete his blog, and he decided to do it, as a revolutionary act, just to show you can clean the slate and start over - reset your mind or something. I said Ryanne you gotta tape this! (Like I would even need to tell you that.) Anyway, it was kinda trippy and cool.

O said...

Chuck, I have backup of all yours videos on my ANT's ;) .

If we learn from the past is evolution.

Babilonian's library is just the lesson, not the loop.

love you guys, dont give up.

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping that the video blogging session would teach me "HOW" to make a video blog, but instead the conversation was dominated by "copyright" discussion, which was already discussed at length in other sessions. Copyright should have had its own discussion group.

And I apologize for the kid who didn't like the videos. Actually, he didn't like anything about blogs, was talking down about them - which could have been ok if he proved he gave them a good look over, but when someone says all blogs suck, I can only assume he hasn't seen many blogs - especially mine. Mine Rocks!

So, it's the day after the conference I've been up all night long, trying to get one damn video to work, and no, it's not. Can you help?????

It was great meeting you, and I do see a very bright future for myself and many others in the videoblogging future.


Verdi said...

There are always a few people who can see what the next great thing is - technlogy, culture, etc. These are the artists, scientists, and thinkers of the world. Usually they go around for years like Chuck, telling people how great this thing is and they sound kind of crazy to most people. Then 5 years later everyone else gets it and people like Chuck don't sound so crazy anymore. They're visionaries or some such crap. That's what I think is happening here.

Chuck Olsen said...

hey homelessguy!
man, i've wanted to interview you forever.
congrats on getting an apartment.

check out for help with your videos, or any of us will be glad to help. especially that michael verdi guy - he's a helpaholic. and a visionary.

Anonymous said...

Maybe toss a few pies in a few folks' faces next time? People love that. Just a thought.

Anyway, I love these road snippets you and Jay are throwing down as you bounce around the country. Like JD says, it's good to get out there and meet the masses. There's always at least one or two people that get it, and that's important.

Eric R. Ashley said...

Hi ya'll,
Thanks for talking me into going to the seminar. The copyright stuff was not that interesting, and I talked to "this is worse than CATV" guy in another seminar where I pointed out that his objections seemed to be already mostly taken care of. He listened, but I don't think he changed his mind.

I suspect its because he has another objection which he did not voice. But he would not say that objection because he probably felt 1)He wanted us to see the problem for ourselves 2)He was pretty sure that if we knew his true issues we would not have been impressed.

Anyways, at Tales of Tadeusz, I have my retrospective of the event, and a couple posts on the vid seminar as well. Hopefully, I'll be posting pics of Hohenwald soon enough, and Rhyanne can see what a tree looks like...

Eric R. Ashley

Erin said...

Wow, this is interesting! I had never blogged in my life until last week. I was looking around on the internet to find a place to host my videos when I happened to find some information about video blogging. I've been creating videos of my kids since they were born, and wanted a place to share them with people. I set up an account with blogger and am loving it! So I've never even had a regular blog and ended up starting with a vlog! I was also shocked to hear Jay say that there are maybe 200 people right now on the planet who video blog. That is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I am one of those newbies you mentioned in the vlog, I've maintained a website on .Mac for friends and family, but this summer will see the birth of my blog-site. So called because I will be blogging, vlogging and perhaps even podcasting (if I can think of something cool to podcast :) ).

I just wanted to say, being all the way in London, England and haivng not left this damn city since I got here 7 years ago, I love vlogs because they let me feel like I'm part of a wider community than just London. I feel - international. It's a glimpse into another place, another time, not in the "here is America [or interject your country name]" format of broadcast documentaries, that are impersonal, formal and objectifying. This is real ...

And I thank you guys and the good folk at Freevlog for recognising this and trying to make it available to as many people as possible.

I am 100% SOLD, stuff, wrapped up and ready to vlog!

R said...

Like-minded visionaries will see videoblogging, recognize the spark and potential and get excited. Capitalist hoes will see it and go "kaching". The C.H. won't last, they'll be weeded out. Anyway, people will find their niche and their own community, and that's what I like about the internet.