Saturday, May 07, 2005

Freevlog 2.0

Michael Verdi and I finally launched the new Freevlog 2.0!
Learn how to put your videos on a blog for free!
Spread the word to all your non-vlogger friends


theSpeak said...

Congrats! Your page looks great. LOTS of people are really going to benefit from all the work you guys have put into this. Thanks!

Dennis said...

That's gggrrrreeeaaatttt!!! Thanks.

Zadi said...

awesome guys. great work! i have your stuff featured on my vlog and i've already directed a friend from vietnam over to your site and trying to get her up and running. hey - what's up with a link-back yo? :)

Tim said...

Thanks guys! I've finally been able to make my nervous foray into vlogging after blogging for a little over a year. Your site helped a lot.