Monday, May 02, 2005

10.4, No Big Deal


Anonymous said...

HAha, that was great :)
'Im definately not putting this on my blog'

I was gonna go to the local apple store and blog what I could, but, I watched hitchhikers guide instead! oh well! haha :)

cool hat!

Markus Sandy said...

Great shot of Michael "always teaching". Nice taste of the "big" event. Thanks!

Steve Garfield said...

The Apple Store has cool stairs.

Anonymous said...

that fast forward trick is your new favorite. i like it too, how do you do it?

is this an apple commercial? i thought you were against selling out and stuff?


Anonymous said...

Your eyes at the end are an amazing color of green. :)

O said...

well... i dont know if is a big deal, but is just cool.
thats it.

ryanne said...

yeah 10.4 is definately cool.
i like the widget things
and the spotlight search.
it's just funny how much hype surrounds it when it's just an OS update. not like it's OS 11 or something.

Anonymous said...

It was a big enough deal for me to finally buy a Mac. Corevideo should open up some very exciting possibilities for videoblogs, I'll try to knock up an example asap as its easier to show than explain. You should have seen the queue on Friday evening at the new apple Birmingham UK store, it was rediculous, but then the shop isnt very large, no stairs! I didnt video it :(

Levois said...

I just discovered your blog. I like the work that you and other videobloggers are doing. Keep it up. Best of luck. :)