Monday, May 09, 2005

Blognahsville Wrap Up, Blah Blah Blah


Anonymous said...

Ok I have a question. I have watched a few of your blogs and they have appealing quality to them. In other words your personality really shines. Which is cool. But i am just curious what do you guys do for a living?


Michael Meiser said...

Ahh, 6 months!? Ahh, so much to do. I don't know how I'm going to get it all done.

I gotta go!


ryanne said...

i do THIS full time.
jay wishes he could do this full time.

Anonymous said...

I think the concept of freedom in lots of different contexts is frightening for many people. Our society has become so dependent on government (local, state and national) make them feel "safe" that they are scared to death of making choices about anything. They just want to be spoon fed on every issue. You know, if you don't want to watch porn, or have your children watch porn, then don't subscribe to those channels or turn on the TV---take responsibility! Grow a backbone! Make choices! Fear less!!!

charfin said...

I've just found out about vlogging in the past week. I gone from not knowing what a podcast was to watching my fav vlogs every night. I feel I've educated myself on what it is by watching many vlogs by others. I'm following the steps on frevlog (which is done really well) to start my own but I wanted to ask you: Do you two ever get tired of explaining what vlogging is and answering the same questions? It seemed that jay was ready with an answer for every single question the Aussie gave him in his online interview.(april)

do you think non vloggers are missing the point? and not seeing the potential?

the same way critics talk about music instead of experinceing the joy of creating their own.

katelin said...

i love videoblogs, and i think it's shitty that people can't be more open-minded when faced with something as huge as this.

i mean, you can SEE people, living, working, whatever, you can identify with them, truly undestand what they're saying. it's just so...human!

i can't express it in words..but if anything is gonna bring the people together, it's gonna be videoblogging.


I was really struck by the mtv rss feed thing.. I agree that it will get pretty overwhelming in the future. but thats the fun right.. Make things make things.. whatever ..



Thanks for doing everything to introduce to a lot of people about- video blogging!

I love every piece of what you talked about videoblogging.

ali-mann said...

I just went through some of your vlogs, and they are GREAT! Thanks again with so much of your help last weekend to get me up and running. I'm a highschool film and media teacher, and vlogging will become my students' next assignment. Thanks for inspiring me, and my students!

duncan speakman said...

i just saw your feedback on the blog nashville sessions and i know what you mean about the 'freedom' issue. when i gave my vlog workshop most of the film makers there couldn't believe there was free space on the internet with no commercial intent. I get the feeling that everyone has reached a highly cynical point ( i think i had too!) where people just assume everything has already been commercialised. There was an old school doc maker at the talk (Paul Watson.. an amazing maker) and he was waxing about the depressing state of british broadcasting and there was almost a glint in his eye when i tried explaining to him that were possibly new distribution networks forming.. it was pretty heartwarming!! .


Anonymous said...

I loved your postmortem. Glad you relayed that info about the respones (e.g., how can I make money with this stuff?). Loved the part about the guy asking for the URL!