Sunday, May 22, 2005

Arcosanti Bell

arcosanti bell, arcosanti, ashley hodson, ryanne, jamaica plain


schlomo rabinowitz said...

I think Arcosanti is the new earthware line at Bed Bath and Beyond.

just kidding. If you can't make fun of hippies, who can you make fun of anymore?

Anonymous said...

wow, i look dead here.
go jetlag!

Anonymous said...

Wow, no question that she's your sister! ;-)

Matthew Clayfield said...

I'm with Eric! You could almost be twins!

Anonymous said...

I dig those bells... and I'm not even a 'bell' person. I might have to check those out.

Anonymous said...

Arcosanti sure is a wierd place. It may be an "experiment in urban living" but it is a real s l o w experiment. I stumbled on the place when I was driving randomly around Arizona in 1993 and took a tour.

There's some neat ideas about simple, cheap architecture, but looking at their website nothing much seems to have changed in the last decade.

Cool to be reminded of it, though.

Nathan Peters said...

Holy family resemblance batman!

Anonymous said...

(general comment)
ok here it goes "rant from a swede":
Discovered Video blog today and spent 14hours looking at different peoples whole archives. (rain outside and no classes (Im in college) today)
[Found yours to be one of the best]
THIS is something I wanna do!! Never blogged before but this is perfect.
Downside, Im a student a camera is a bit too expensive, but It´ll do with my new PDA/mobile phone actually produces pictures "almost" as good as theese, anyway it´ll suffice. (might be a good idea for people without a videocamera that wanna join this whole revolutionary take on selfmade media)(actually some of the new mobiles can make pretty ok movie clips about 15minutes long).
So, I just made my first Vlog, now just to fix my main computer so I can edit the thing in AfterEffects.
errr... well what did I really wanna say, oh yes; Thanks for showing me what this media can do!!

Insurgent said...

I love this!

"It's an experiment in urban living, but it's in the middle of nowhere."

ryanne said...

just a note
you can use a digital still camera to make vids. that's what i use at this point. most still cameras take video and if you have a 512mb mem card, you can get about 50 minutes on a card.

also see on how to post your stuff.

rock on!

Joshua said...

I've been there! I have an arcosanti bell! That place is trippy. Its like what I imagine an alien civilization to look like.