Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Xacti HD1000 Green MP4 Fix

Do you use a Sanyo Xacti HD1000 camera? Have you seen the green mp4 of death? Not sure why? Well, my friend Mary Matthews of also had this problem recently and she pointed me to this Apple discussion thread to help her decipher the solution. Seems that the QuickTime H264 component that came with your Xacti software worked great with your camera, but then again QuickTime gets updated by Apple every few months and that little bit of software that makes your HD files actually work gets replaced. Huge bummer if you want to, oh um, use your footage. I sat down with Mary and helped her reinstate this little component and I thought I'd make a screencast walking through it so others could fix their systems too. There are some other solutions on that Apple thread if this doesn't work, but I hope it does. Good Luck!

p.s. if you right click and save this video... you can watch it at 640x480, a bit easier to see.


Unknown said...

WOW!! Great job!! I'm surprised you had to do all that to make it work. Kind of sucks.. oh well..

What about just transcoding all the files from the Sanyo into a DV file?

Would that be a lot easier? & Easier to edit in FCP too?

Verdi said...

Awesome job Ryanne!

Nick, if you transcoded to DV you'd take your HD (1920x1080) size file and shrink it down to 640x480 (not to mention it would look all squished). This way you can import the full sized clip into iMovie, FCP or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Rock! Was just about to buy one of these & would have been extremely disappointed. Now I know what to expect. And this probably works if you have the Xacti HD1010. I revlogged you over at Node101Phoenix.

Bill Cammack said...

Nice Work, Ryanne! :D

Kim Gail said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks again, Ryanne. What was greek to me was geek to you. Great job and wonderful resource. Xacti should put you on the payroll.

iconjohn said...

Another great screencast tutorial. I'm still thinking about Xacti waterproof but just wondering if it can take the abuse of windsurfing. Kind of like falling off a 10 foot jump, when getting slam dunked. I think not.

Stan said...

Excellent job!

It also opens up the issue of whether or not to do a regular software update of QuickTime in the first place. I've had horrible problems in the past with QT update -- still not solved -- and many discussion threads argue against updating QT at all. It is pervasive on all kinds of programs, particularly FCP. The suggestion has been not have a QT newer than your OS.

Chris said...

Thanks for this - really helpful.

I currently thinking about getting a Sanyo HD1000 - I've got a bit confused reading all the forum posts on Apple Support - I wonder if anyone can confirm whether you can now use Final Cut Express or iMovie to edit the files from the camera? Or are there still limitations/work arounds which you have to follow?