Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tibetans Killed Traveling to Dharamsala

The television footage you see here has been circulating the internet for the last couple weeks. It originates from Pro TV a Romanian TV network. It really emphasizes the power of video as hard proof of what happens in the world. The Chinese government denies that the Tibetans were killed in cold blood. They claim they shot in self defense and that the Tibetans were threatening them. We can clearly see in the video that this is not the case. For a more in depth story see the Boing Boing post. I made this video for myself as well as all you, to try to communicate the reality of what these people have gone through and continue to go through to live free lives. Every child at this Tibetan Children's Village in Dharmasala have made that dangerous trek from Chinese occupied Tibet. Some never make it.

for more info on Tibet's struggle-

Chinese Soldiers Kill Tibetan Pilgrims
for the full video from Pro TV


Unknown said...

never seen this video before, and now after viewing it I's so angry that noone can imagine

Mike Ambs said...

That... is... terrible. Not too long ago I watched the documentary 'Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion' - I don't really know what to say about it. It deals with Tibet and China's history.

I'm so speechless now -

missbhavens said...

I'd seen that mountain video and was astonished. You've brilliantly incorporated it into uour footage. Thanks for posting this. said...

Wow, I totally didn't make the connection that you were in the same city the Tibetans were walking to until I saw this. I hope you get a chance to talk to some Tibetans about the trek and hopefully get them to share some details on camera. Amazing. Thanks y'all.

Carl Weaver said...

Ryanne, thanks for telling (or relaying) this story. I was not shocked because I knew this stuff was happening but I am deeply saddened to see the proof. The soldiers there are largely unregulated thugs, not protectors of the people, as they claim to be.

Anonymous said...

What a great video. I thought the news footage was interesting, and, at the same time, I found your footage of the kids with the camera to be just as powerful. The entire post you put together really reminds you what kinds of things we tend to take for granted.

Thanks for posting this, Ryan.