Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tibetan Kids Vlogging!

Tibetan Kids V!
direct .mov file

We've had some flaky internet the last couple days. Moving around from a family's house to a hotel where we have internet thanks to the German hackers who wired up a mesh network over there. Hurray for wifi hackers!!

Check it out though, we've been teaching some Tibetan teenagers how to vlog. It's a difficult task when they have a computer lab full of donated PCs with Windows 98 on them. Thank goodness some folks donated a Mac mini so it'll be possible to edit and upload some imovie fun. Check out what they've done so far at

I'm getting a little homesick and last night Jay had cold chills and couldn't sleep. Getting sick in India sucks and we hope it's not malaria. Please god, not malaria.


Anonymous said...

Hey you two! Looks like you're doing great work over there, in spite of the technical difficulties. It also looks like it got colder? Maybe Jay just has a cold?

Mike Ambs said...

This is so great! I can't wait to go watch what they've put up :)

Verdi said...

I love that videoblogging can be so instant. There it is on Blip right after you upload and then it's so cool that I can go and watch it too. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Ey, I love it.
Is there a way were the videoblogging community can donate maybe old computers and accessories to help these guys?

I have an old G3 and if I could know it was going to get to them for sure, I would donate it.

Maybe we can bug Apple to donate some iMacs... am I dreaming?

missbhavens said...

"it's like learning a-b-c!"

I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ryan! you are rocking my world! The shit you're doing is top notch. You've been in my thoughts a whole lot lately, love to you. Hope Jay feels better soon. Much love, Jannelle

ryanne said...

do you have an email address
please email me!!