Wednesday, December 21, 2005

3A Remixed

Daniel from Pouring Down made this remix. I love his stuff! Thanks Daniel.

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Jeremiah Murphy said...

Hilarious. Great stuff.

Steve Garfield said...

Best video ever!

The best!

Steve Garfield said...

I loved this so much that if it was right here next to me I'd hug it!

ryanne said...

I'm actually out of NYC visiting family or else i would be covering it!
I asked other NYC'ers to get some good stuff...hope to see it soon

F Daum said...

The original and this remix would sit together great on a tutorial page for sound. The sound levels all work together on the remix and even the script works nicely. I'm happy I watched this video.

Michael said...

Post aside, I am wearing headphones. When the dog barked I nearly jumped off my seat. I don't know how you made the dog sound like it was comming up behind me, but it was marvelous!