Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Apple Store Workshop LIVE!


elegant elliott said...

nice unicorn. i am completly jealous.
oh yah, i enjoy your postings as well.

JuanFalla said...

That's a HUGE audience!!!! I went to one "chat" here in the apple store a few months back, and we were only 5 pr 6 people there. Compared, yours was a big hit! I'm glad to see that New yorkers are more interested than people here in LA.

But, when you see the VlogMap, you can easiyl notice that, there's a WHOLE BUNCH of vvloggers over there, and here jus a few of us. Hopefully with time this will change.

Again, congratulations on your first year.

Anonymous said...

have you had a hair cut? looks cool anwyay. and the microphone is excellent,, I want one. just to wear around the house ;-)

Michael W said...

nice audience.
Awesome job making vlogs easier to understand to the masses.

i'm a new vlogger by the way.

Ben said...

Dang, big crowd. I went to a meet the vloggers in LA and there was a lot less space so there were only like...20 people.

Anonymous said...