Saturday, December 10, 2005

Carp Caviar Promo

My contribution to Bottomunion's Carp Caviar Promo month.
Send a promo to Erik if you so desire.
Music by Yours Truly


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan, I love this, it's beautiful and I have no idea what carps caviar is.

Anonymous said...

I want a goldfish now

rob parrish said...

You know, I didn't connect with this at first because I was expecting a funny carp caviar thing. But, damn, looking at it again, it's a very beautiful piece. I love the hit, the screen, the figures coming together, the fire . . . what have I missed . . . well, I loved all of it.

I have a recurring dream where everybody in the world lives in a giant movie theater. People have little shacks, and campfires. There is always a movie going -- sometimes it's Felini, sometimes it's drive-in fare from the 70s. Your movie made me think of those dreams.

Faux Press said...

rob's right. watched this thrice trying to find out why it was so compelling - it's creamy-dreamy.


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