Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Videoblogging Anniversary!

I've been videoblogging for one year today. It's been an amazing year, this medium has changed my life. If one year ago you told me all the things I would accomplish, all the people that I would meet and collaborate with, I would not have believed you. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. More vloggers, more Nodes, more communication, more love!

Music: All We Are, Fischerspooner


TonyTV 2 said...

Happy anniversary Ryanne!!! It was the year you traded in a Buster for a Jay.


Chris Daniel said...

Happy 1st yr Ryanne! I feel that videoblogging has made '05 amazing, and I'm looking forward to '06! I liked how you included all the clips in one video.. nice.

Miguel Serradas Duarte said...

I know Jay, who the hell is Buster? Anyway, many more vlogging years and health. And thank you for all the cool content.

Daniel said...

Happy anniversary to you. That's a lot of creating in one year. Thanks for setting the bar so high.

Jeff Marquis said...

Congrats Ryanne! Thanks for inspiring me also (freevlog.org). Bravo!

art & thought mechanic said...


WOOO HOOO! Fuck Yeah!
Happy Vlogyear numero UNO!

You lady(mr.multiple points fingers) Kick so much ass with your VLOG.

Thanks to you Ryanne,(Verdi too) heh for teaching me the essentials in 2005! "FREEVLOG!!!"(Mr. shouts it till dog barks at me)

ACK! My heart melts everytime you look at Jay and Jay looks back at you. So much Effin love!!!

This Vlog is like 4shots of Expression Expresso!

You are the BUZZING inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! wow one year. that's a lot of film...

keep on being inspired. not to mention inspire!!

Jay Dedman said...

its been even more amazing for me to watch you make all these great videos this past year. im alos honored to get recorded in many of them as well.
youve been teaching me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, an entire year has passed!
You are one cool girl!
I like the song.

Anonymous said...

One year of very cool stuff, let have the same again for the next :¬) congrats.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's been a year??? It flew by for me (haha). I've never seen you happier or more enthuiastic. We are all proud of you and looking forward to the upcoming awesome year. And PS thanks for being a patient teacher!
Much hugs and kisses and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Though I miss you Ryanne I am happy for you!

Melanie said...

Congratulations, babygirl! I can only hope to accomplish half of what you have this year. Just keep doing it, and thanks for inspiring us all.

See you soon. XO

taxiplasm said...

wow! even I can't believe all you've done! -I remember when Verdi was first getting started and was showing me your early stuff and soon you guys became vlogging celebs.

thank YOU Ryanne for all you do for the rest of the vlogsphere.


Luca said...

Wow! So much done in so few time... congratulatulation Ryanne!

Verdi said...

KICK ASS RYANNNE! You're going to explode in 2006!

No really.
Be careful.


Mike Machenry said...

Happy Anniversary, Ryanne. Keep up the great work.

A.O. Flores said...

Happy vlogiversary Ryanne. Mine is coming up as well.

Quirk said...

2005 was wicked awesome.
Like, galloping unicorn awesome.

JuanFalla said...

No no no no no no no no NO Ryanne, THANK YOU!

You inspire me (and a whole bunch of hundred more). You have showed us how to do it. The limits it has, if it has any.

Congratulations on this first year. Your videos are always a.. how do you say that... ehm... I;m obliged to see them. You ure charismatic in front of the camera, you have a cool personality, you talk and discuss silly topics, intersting topics, serious topics, fun topics...

You (and Verdi) have shown us how to do it. A lot of videobloggers owe you guys a lot for your help and assitance.

Congratulations again, and I wish you even better years to come videoblogging.

Chuck Olsen said...

unicorns and fireworks! ryanne roxx!
i get choked up watching stuff like this.
knock it off ya nitwit.


Ian said...

Go Ryanne! Congrats! I love these flashback-like videos. I like that music too.

- Ian

Anonymous said...

Catching up...

Wow. What a great compilation of clips, wonderful music and very well edited. We loved it!

Very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Your welcome! Um, I mean wow, congrats. It's been awesome making media for each other, each and every one of us. You rock.