Wednesday, November 09, 2005

RyanEdit, Momentshowing, Human-Dog on Yeast Radio

Check out our interview with guest host, Chris Weagel of Human-Dog on Yeast Radio today. LISTEN HERE

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art & thought mechanic said...

I woke up this morning brewed some coffee and listened in while perusing my email, and watching World Imported music videos on satalite television. The tv was on mute and I had my headphones on listening adamintly to the three of you.

I thoughrouly enjoy all the mediums especially in combinations at times..gets me REVed Up for the DAY. Plus there is this underline feeling that the intenet is also talking back to me.

Back in the 80's before I even understood what the internet was. My parents had a Tandy computer. At the "C:/" one day I typed the word "HELLO."

I then started typing journal entries and just hitting "ENTER." Ha! It didn't bother me then that they went Nowhere. Gosh the world we live in today, my videos can be dedicated to anyone and yet I can still oblige myself with just uploading to "s p a c e."