Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Freevlog Made on a Mac Workshop

Check it out! As featured on the Apple Store SoHo's sidebar, I'll be teaching/presenting SOLO (yikes!) Freevlog etc at this Thursday at 6pm. Go here for directions.
Send your non-vlogger NYC friends, ok? You know you've made it when you're on the SoHo store's sidebar.


Mark said...

hi ryanne,

I'm trying to put my vlog entry on my ipod. I mean I can download the feed on my itunes, but it doesn't go to my ipod do you have any suggestions.

ryanne said...

what is the format of your videos?
if it's not a certain quicktime codec, it won't play. bummer huh?

ZN said...

Hi Ryanne,

happy birthday to your vlog!

may you continue to take so much pleasure from your vlogging. and I like to see them, that's for sure. I liked very much the "Proof" one. :-)

i am enjoying very much your revlog, it's very interesting also to show someone what a vlog is.

Zé Nuno