Tuesday, February 08, 2005



Anonymous said...

WHO will be disgusted? that's not disgusting! it is the polar opposite of disgusting. we need to see more love. it is vitally important. why is it okay to show pain but not love? DO IT! i loved it! beautifully edited and a beautiful subject matter. rock on with your bad self!

Quirk said...

Congratulations, you two are equally insane.
A match made in vlog.

Kelsey said...

Aww, cute!
No... I wasn't disgusted. (I'm finally over that cootie thing? jk)
Looks like you were having f-u-n, which, if I do say so myself, is a good thing.
So ta!
Keep on keepin' on!
...this is a weird comment...

Anonymous said...

What amuses me isnt whether anybody would find it disgusting, but that this of all things could be a potential self-editing influence on Ryanne the so far unstoppable videoblogger who from my point of view has shown "balls" for taking risk with all sorts of other types of content.

Perhaps I am a member of the "potentially disgusted" viewership due to my status as an approaching 30 lonely wreck desperately fighing against bitter twistedness ;) But fear not, for despite these afflictions I am not disgusted, this videoblog does not have the same effect as couples all over eachother in McDonalds when trying to consume burgers, there is something appropriately intimate about videoblogs that means the subject seems to work ok so far I guess.

This is supposed to be a lighhearted reply but I have the feeling it sounds serious, oops! some Ministry lyrics say something about "in any language that you care to speak, love is twisted and defined as weak". Well, I dont agree with that completely but there is some truth in it sometimes, it would be nice if videoblogs were a fore against that.

Anyway I would hope taste and quality control of the level seen in your work so far ensure the good things that are going on there dont make anybody feel disgusted, the worst outcome of love applied to the creatie arts is normally a slight or large cheesy effect on content ;) Actually pre-empting that by creating a spoof voyage into a videoblog world of cheese, which will also act as a vehicle to express your real current state of mind and hearts, would be an interesting thing to watch :)

Thats your mission f you should decide to accept it. This tape will self-destruct in 5 parsnips.

Steve of Elbows

LeslyePJ said...

suspicions confirmed. very sweet. just finished reading "Pattern Recognition" by William Gibson and so now i'm all about video related Internet fostered romance.

Anonymous said...

The love is so much better in person.
Loved hanging out with you both as well.
Keep the love flowing OK.

Aaron of thevoiz

Chuck Olsen said...

Hyper-edited sweetness!
I see Jay got a cuteness upgrade in the bathroom.

So at the end - "Do you think we should show stuff like that?" - talking about pooping right? Like you guys pooping? That'd be awesome.

ryanne said...

i guess i just assumed everyone had seen chuck's couch session with jay and i where the truth about our vlog-started relationship came out:
The Couch Sessions: Video Love

Anonymous said...

i don't undertstand what jay says at the end?
is that dj leggo in the music?
i liked it a lot, woowee

Sharyn Morrow said...

Adorable! And I was chuckling at Raymond's use of the term "lovevlog" - but after googling it, it turns out someone has already registered that domain name. Nothing there yet, but I'm curious to see what turns up.

Anonymous said...

I say post whatever vids you want. We can take it.

Well, maybe not.


Annie said...

that was sweet. :)
"more more!" cry the masses.

Devin said...


I knew something like this was going to happen between you two; I didn't want to say anything for fear of discomfort in everyone. And it makes me very happy that it did happen.

G'luck you two.

Anonymous said...

and another thing,
what's so bad about people being disgusted anyhow? i say, if the people will be disgusted, well, by golly disgust them!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah ha...! Now I know why Jay is ALWAYS going up to Boston... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ah ha...! Now I know why Jay is ALWAYS going up to Boston... ;-)


Anonymous said...

I have been following your vlog for a couple months. everyday I would watch it. Everyday! I knew so much about you, and your life. I was so proud to be a part of it, WAS. Now it is gone! DEAD gone.

You were so beautiful why did you have to kiss that guy on the video. my hurtness is so deep now, i can't type anymore

Anonymous said...
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