Wednesday, February 23, 2005

TED Day 1: We're Here to Register!

Jay, Josh and I are here at the TED conference in Monterey, CA.
We're meeting some of the most amazing people to ever grace the internet
and the planet.
I'll be posting videos to the official TEDBlog all week!


Anonymous said...

I must be really out of the loop, at first I thought the conference was for a guy named 'TED', but I thought about it, vaguely remembered hearing something about a TED conference, so I looked it up and it came back to me 'Technology Entertainment & Design' conference! If this is what you are blogging, can't wait to see more & thanks for blogging it! would love to be there, especially to hear what Brian Greene has to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I helped that guy wrangle those bags! So cool to get little snippets of this as I sit in my room in NYC. Thanks for vlogging this thing.

Chuck Olsen said...

we are jacked in via the camera of ryanne.
and the mind of minolta.

Verdi said...

I have that same bag - same color and everything!