Thursday, February 03, 2005

Working Stiffs, The Living Dead


Kelsey said...

Yeah, um... I truely feel sorry for you. Your face is so... unexcited!
At least you have a job though, no one will hire me! (no one believes that I'm 17... they all think I'm like... 13 or something)
Just a curious little monkey question... but what were you doing with the barbri stuff?

Devin said...

Good floor number.

Anonymous said...

i'm so excited to work that job this summer.
i'm so glad you hired me to replace you for such a riveting job.
you told me it was wicked fun, but something tells me that isn't true?

love your sister who by the end of the summer will hate you,

Jay Dedman said...

this is almost as good as being with you in person.
thanks for the vid.

O said...

(i never post a comment here), but i did watch ALL yours videos... (so much comments to make, i will later).
Now... i let you know this:

Welcome to my "proto-vlog":

keep going Ryanne, dont stop.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. What's so bad about it? They force you to knit?

Anonymous said...

From the other Anonymous:
See! this is what I'm talking about. "Force you to knit'" made me laugh out loud. You have better stuff. And by the way, knitting is torture. Think about it. flippping yarn over a pairs of needles for hours on end just to end up with a baby sweater that some kid will throw up on. Nice video ryanne. You edited it! Yes! You used old fashioned narrative film technique to achieve an effect! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

listen, Other Anonymous, editing AND knitting are not easy tasks.
nor is working. or having babies spit up all over the knitting or the editing.
or working while babies spit up. It's a mad mad world.

Chalupa said...

another sweet peek at your life. wish i had a camera to record some funny moments on the job cause some days there's a lot.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know who I am anymore!

LeslyePJ said...

Loved the video. Very nice editing. This is classic Ryan.

Jirosworld said...

You're still keeping it up every day.
I hope the weather is OK there.
Greetings from the Netherlands.

Ian said...

Great video. I LOVE the part where you take your headphones off and the music stops. I actually had a feeling you'd do that when i noticed that you were wearing headphones. What was that song you used anyway?

- Ian

Kelsey said...

Yeah... so... I definately just went and watched a post from like... December 13th (I think.)
It was random, and I don't know why I watched it.
But I did. (OOoo and I commented!)
Anywho... I joined the "living dead" yesterday. Lets all wave 'bye to my free-time... and what little social life I choose to have.
Maybe you could just send ME some of YOUR hard-earned cash and I'll just tell everyone I work for an e-business? Just a thought? Hope hope?

supersecretdancesociety said...

nice headphones cut, and light switch, great making the banal funny...
and cool text...
how's that for a write up?

Anonymous said...

That was great! Nice job.


Chuck Olsen said...

You keep reaching new highs.
This is a beauty.
Takes more time thought yeah?
But I love crafting an experience like this,
And I love sitting back and watching yours even more. :-)

Some Anonymous Dickhead