Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Spellings' Letter to PBS

Read the letter Dept. of Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings, wrote to PBS.
Tell her what you think:


Anonymous said...

Reading this letter, I see that there is a valid point.

"As you know, the cooperative agreement that PBS is using to support these programs is designed to prepare preschool and elementary age children for school"

If this is so, than there is no need to expose children to Homosexuality, to prepare them for school. Especially now, on such a contreversial topic, they will certainly learn about it as they grow up. I do, agree with the idea that homosexuality is wrong, but I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. Children are still young, and unable to form unbiased opinions on their own, on such a matter, I would think any ways. All those who agree with homosexuality, have come to these views under stricter censorship, than that of today. So, I dont see the point of exposing children at such a young age, especially, as I can see the argument, that it doesnt prepare children for school, which is what the Dept. of Ed. was funding the show for. I dont know, maybe Im old fashioned. Im 18, but, I personally dont think homosexuality is right (I dont know how to make it sound unoffensive. But sometimes, opinions are just that). But I still respect homosexuals, and those who oppose my opinion, and are friends with them all the same (if they care to allow me as a friend). Its a free world, and Jesus loves everyone the same, right? (Ha, had to get that in there). Any ways, let me know what you think.

Will Moore said...

I don't believe it was nescessary to take the episode off the air- Spellings may not like homosexuals, but that gives her no right to censor the media to that degree.