Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Jay and Ryanne Show: Episode 2

We're going to a big conference in Cali next week and we gotta look GOOOOOOOOD.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHaHAHaHAhahahahaha. You guys are so HOT.

Side note: the video was jacked up in my ANT player. I had to see it on the web.

Anonymous said...

jay the leprechaun hhahahaha

Anonymous said...

man, you look so cali. You'll blend right in. LOL. Especially with that pink turtle neck. It's in the high 60's here.

If you're in L.A. let me know.


Anonymous said...

you 2 inspire me. im going to start bloging tomorow(all ready did one just got to rip it down)

latter freakos

randy "mad" mann

Anonymous said...

wait! you coming to LA? send me a message. i'll take you to the house of pies. or a rock and roll show. whatever you want!


Anonymous said...

Looks suspiciously like "Savers". No, really, it was "Savers", right?
And now EVERYONE will know about "Savers"---that is NOT GOOD.

ryanne said...

you sound like my mom, who is obsessed with savers. yeah it's the west roxbury savers. best store ever!

Anonymous said...

Haha :) awesome! And yeah, the hat and the pink turtleneck is very cali..

But hm, those shoes... >_< they DO wear them here.. and I hate em too!

(get this, the ladies wear those too)

Anonymous said...

i love you, james.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan and Jay,
Savers is like my office these days.

Funny, I didn't see your names down as having an appointment.


Annie said...

you can rock the hat, ryan. :)
is california ready for the cutest videoblogging couple? rock rock rock!

Ian said...

Jay looked kinda gangster whilst wearing the cap. haha.

I dont get turtlenecks. I'd cut off the fabric round the neck. because that would really annoy me. but then i would have ruined the turtleneck. It's a lose-lose situation. What the hell am i talking about?