Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Uncle Monsterface

my friends marty, james and dan just started the band Uncle Monsterface. I hope you have as much fun as I did.


marty allen said...

thanks ryanne.

i am so honored to have been featured not once but TWICE on the superblog.
take that, bike races!

that is the handsomest band everrrrr.
(til the break of dawn)

Chuck Olsen said...

that first song was like seeing Sifl & Olly live - awesome! very liam lynch all around.

Anonymous said...

i love primary colors!
i love puppets!
i love rock!
i love video!
i love my friends!
love, mae

Steve Garfield said...

They are not men.

That soundproofing on the ceiling worries me.

Anonymous said...

Holy goddamn I love that band.

Sharyn Morrow said...

I adore robotic puppet dancing. Thanks for being up front to document it.

Anonymous said...

Did I really see Mr. St Jean there in that basement?

your west coast SIM rep

rachel w.

Anonymous said...

who let the retards into the basement? - john holland

Quirk said...

Carl's "I Want To Rock Your Body (Till The Break of Dawn)" is friggin awesome!

When's the tour start?