Wednesday, January 12, 2005

They can't shut me down!

thanks to all you guys, this is true!


Chuck Olsen said...

glad i could help
the vampire has blood once again. mwahahahaha

dude i totally want some chips now.

Chalupa said...

are you still needing people to donate a few bucks? i've been telling lots of people to check your site out so i'm part of the problem.

Macgyver said...

WOO and indeed HOO

Anonymous said...

waaaaiiit just a minute... you mean, YOU have to pay everytime I want to watch your videos?
like, how much?
I will more than gladly pay for this. this is way better than cable or a movie!

you're so inovative~ mae

ryanne said...

in a way yeah.
bandwidth and server space costs money.
i dont pay per download
but like you are seeing now, too many people downloaded stuff this month
so my server said "oh no you didnt, you gotta pay more if you want to have that many downloads"
and i'm not going to pay anything
because there are places where i can store my media
like the
which is what i have been doing for like 4 hours....
upload upload upload

Dave Counts said...

Of course you wanted potato chips, Chuck (response above), that's Ryanne's vlog business model. Not crass advertising, but subtle, insidious product placement. Do you think it's a coincidence that Ryanne began the post announcing her return by eating a chip? My guess is the Idaho Potato Commission ( ponied-up the cash when the Association of Pirate Flag-Makers came up short.

Yay! Ryanne's back!

Jay Dedman said...

sitting by the opne window, im listening to mexican music blare in the airshaft of my apartment building and watching your videos.
fuck bandwidth.
we're about to solve all these problems.
the kids are goignt o have it easy.
we're bulldozing the trail here.
Just create and communicate.