Tuesday, January 11, 2005

They Shut Me Down

my server noticed that i use 2 gigs a day of bandwidth.
so they shut me down.

i guess this is a good reason to ask for donations for real this time. i need to buy a crapload more server space and bandwidth....

there's always archive.org but that's gonna take a while.


no videos for a little while guys.

what the hell am i going to do with myself?

wollowing in self pity,
p.s thanks to everyone for their offers of server space and donations too.
i'm uploading to the archive, which i 've been slowly doing over the past month, i guess it was too slow.
i really didnt think doteasy.com (my server) would just stop hosting my media so fast.


Anonymous said...

dear ryanimal,
still make videos. that's what you're going to do with yourself. and then burn them onto a dvd and mail them to me. because i'm as addicted to your videos as you are.
also; i'm very excited for your
"ryan(ne)'s video blog/performance show"!
it'll be so awesome! what a great idea. you're brilliant.

1631 sw yamhill st
apt #1
portland, or 97205

Chuck Olsen said...

Now we are left like this,
fish out of water,
vampires without blood???

I'll gladly host a few videos, and/or your new ones -- I bet others would too. We could switch it up, distribute the load, until ourmedia is ready for primetime.

My server allows I think 75 GG/month and I'm at 12-ish now. TypePad knows no limits so I could use that too.

dltq said...

firstly: you are not alone.
secondly: it is easy to be wise in hindsight, but um perhaps you should have asked for bandwidth help earlier or been more aggressive with pushing things as soon as possible out to the IA?

so, are you left with a huge bandwidth bill now? or did they just gave up on you, closed your account and moved on?

Your vlog entries are marvellous, Ryanne, and whenever I can, i will press that paypal button to help you out. If some of us fans chip in just a few $ each, it Will help. Tell the world what you need to be happy, and - guess what - sometimes the world may deliver. The Universe is a loving ..thing.


Content is king.

Macgyver said...

Well that sucks. I surfed over here a couple of days ago after viewing Ian Mills 05 project and thought you may have interesting things to say after watching the big ass religion thing. Well thanks to a crappy exchange rate $10 of my hard earned is yours. Hope it helps you get going again...