Sunday, January 23, 2005


it's sunday 10am.
vloggercon is over and it was perfect.
we couldnt have asked for a better day.
a lot of us were in town early and are staying late
to be with each other in person.
make connections.
jakob held an after party at his loft (there is like 25 hours of footage, which i'll be linking to, i'm sure)
and when i was saying good bye to people
i found myself saying "see you on the web"
which is sad and also not sad at the same time.
we will create and be with each other in the second world.
i am getting tears in my eyes as i write this.
why so sappy all of a sudden?
i feel elated that i know all these passionate people
who traveled in a snow storm across the country
and, some, across the world to be here.
i'll link to the videos that people are posting
as well as my own, when i get it up here.
but i just wanted to roll out of bed this morning
and say that i miss you all already.
like i said in an earlier video
there are people and places that when you have to say goodbye
you just break down and cry because they have such an effect on you.
this is that moment.
my cheeks are wet with tears of joy.
video video video.
i heart videobloggers.


Steve Garfield said...

That's poetic.

Anonymous said...

where's the VIDEO missy. I want it NOW. GIMME!

Anonymous said...

sorry I didn't yack your ear off. next time, R.
I did feel like when people went into the elevator that they were transported back into my computer at the end of the night. Painfully so, but necessary since that's where we live.

thanks for helping to make it such a powerful event.

Chuck Olsen said...

My heart swells.
I woke up at like 5:30 this morning, the blizzard swirling all around the windows, wind blowing thru the fireplace next to my air mattress on Andrew's floor. And I was so giddy, so full of love, I was on the verge of tears just thinking about everyone, and the connecting we did. And how I probably drank too much and "overconnected." But that's okay, cuz of the love. The love.

dltq said...

We are trying to develop some technical solutions to complex issues, perhaps.

We are trying to figure out how vlogging can influence mainstream media, perhaps.

We are surely inspiring each other by showing glimpses from our own world.

It was great meeting you, Ryanne, and the rest of you. Yes, see you on the web untill we meet in person again.


Anonymous said...

Steve of Elbows here.
Thanks for hanging out in the IRC chat when you could, your & other peoples efforts really helped me to experience the convention live without actually being there. The stream & chat worked so well that I was able to get a sense of the same emotions your expressing about vloggercon, although of course I could not of course really experience the thing in the same way. And waaa nobody could stream me over some snow.
My dream is to see over time how "see you on the web" can become less and less sad as the technology that connects us improves. Sure it will never be the same as being with a person in the flesh, but there are still great strides to be made, and we can focus on its advantages over meeting in real life.
To me one of the most beautiful aspects of the net is that it can undo much of the anxiety and isolation that the development of "personal freedom" over the last centuries has lead us to. By becoming free from being given a pretty fixed role and place in the world at birth, we are also less secure. What is the point in personal freedom enabling people to be who they want, if they then cant find enough other individuals to connect to and share a reality and role with?

In a world of conformity there is not so much need for a search engine, no need for me to search for other individuals like me if the overwhelming pressure from society is for everyone to conform and act similar and know their place. The 2nd half of the 20th century changed all that, free yet isolated. Now the net gives us the power to reconnect to eachother, and video allows a greater amount of human emotion and energy and expression to pass through these connections.


Verdi said...

Hey! I was just digging through your archive looking for a video and found this again. Made me teary-eyed. Made me wonder how the same and how different this year's Vloggercon will be.