Monday, January 17, 2005

Dark Night Flick

this guy has been blogging his life for ten years.
he made a video recently.
he says a lot of things we all think about.
i thought it was really powerful.
be patient, it's not very compressed (it's 74 mb)


Anonymous said...

Uh...well I thought the file was a little big so I made a smaller, faster loading version. You can find it here:


This is Vlog

Macgyver said...

Thanks for posting a link to this. Definetly worth the download

Anonymous said...

i wish everyone was brave enough to be that honest.
i think we can all relate, but no one ever puts this part of their human-ness out there for others to see. maybe if we did, things wouldn't be quite so frightening. we all feel crazy. we all feel alone. we all want to relate.
so does that mean that no one is crazy. no one is alone. and we all relate to eachother. we just don't always know it?
thank you, ryan, for spreading some truth.

Anonymous said...

Well after watching the video and purusing the comments at Justin's site in regards to this "breakdown video" I will have to go with the other cynics.

Can you say "Blair Witch Project"?

However like most of what ryan publishes it's thought provoking and I got a great idea from watching the video.

Thank you Ryan; your a muse.

Christian Brower