Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beijing, China: August 2008

Jay and I spent the better part of August in Beijing during the Olympics to help document protests happening there. We blogged more in depth about it on RyanIsHungry. Here is the momentshowing version of the trip. As you can see the Olympics were everywhere. Shopping centers, cafes, buses, subway cars and stations. You could not escape the games. It was fascinating. Enjoy.

P.S. A majority of this video was recorded with the Flip Video Mino. I thought it did pretty well for an inexpensive pocket cam. Though the zoom is digital and kinda crappy and you can't go macro. The rest was captured with the Xacti E1.


Robert Croma said...

Wow. The memories. And so many changes.

A beautiful narrative of place and luscious imagery.

Verdi said...

I'm surprised how much it looks like the U.S - at least Beijing.

There was a shot outside in the afternoon and you can hear what kind of sounds like cicadas (I thought, cool - just like Texas!) but damn, that's some crazy cool giant Chinese cicada thing.

ZN said...


Amazing work and experience you did here. you two were almost invisible davids against the big golias.
great group effort also off course.
and good learning for whatever new media has to face in the future. :)

it was very nice to see your side of the story.

hope you are still growing green stuff at you recent new home.

all the best,

Huub Koch said...

I love those roltraps!

Clintus McGintus said...

great moments, as always.

taxiplasm said...

for a moment I didn't realize that the TVs were reflecting on the window and I really thought that there were two adjacent screens on the facades of those buildings showing the games! then cut to the lamp reflecting -and I thought, what a sick outsider art piece that could be!

oh I envy your excursions...