Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cruise Hell

jay and i have been traveling a lot and posting like crazy over at RyanIsHungry. last weekend we went on a cruise to the bahamas for Jay's Sister's Wedding. i'm more of a working vacation kinda gal. i need my wifi and coffee. which, thank god, they did have on the boat but it was expensive!! now we're off to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to do some video work for Project Hope International. more on that soon.


Anonymous said...

Relaxing atmosphere... nice. And your other projects - WOW!

M. Matthews said...

this is the cheesiest, most wonderful moment I have seen all day. GOD I WISH I LIVED IN THAT PIANO BAR

Anonymous said...

would make a great setting for a horror movie. like The Shining. with jay as Jack Nicholson.

and i can just see Jay's sister and brother in law, back from honeymoon, checking out their blog and looking at "links to this blog".
"Ooh, look! Let's see who's linking to us!" says Joanne, excitedly.
"Cruise Hell," reads Tom, "at Ryanedit.blogspot.com"



rob parrish said...

i gotta say i love fucked up places like that (yeah, i know you're surprised). i like leaving them too, which is hard when there is nothing but water all around.