Saturday, November 18, 2006

Carp Caviar Season 2 Promo

Carp Caviar Season 2 Promo
direct .mov file

It's that time of the year again. Funny that videoblogging has even been around long enough for me to say that. Erik Nelson over at Bottom Union is starting up the Carp Caviar series again in December. Join the fun, make a promo and send it to him. He'll gladly post it over at BU.

Music created in Soundtrack. Footage from, you guessed it, India. I'm going to try to make a straight cut of this footage, because it's too damn cool, and the original music is rad too. But no serious promises.


Anonymous said...

nice touch

Anonymous said...

sweet... by the way-Chastings

Anonymous said...

first time watching the vlog...very good!!!

Anonymous said...

A question: I would love to know how to get the video to pop up like yours rather than go to a separate page.

Help please.



missbhavens said...

Sweet! And suuuuuper music!

Anonymous said...

Hey I was at that performance! I dunno! Something is different ;)

myTypes said...

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