Sunday, May 14, 2006

PSA: Packing Peanuts

PSA: Packing Peanuts

Read about polystyrene and starch based foam peanuts on Wikipedia HERE. Need to buy some Eco-friendly ones? Check HERE.


Devlon said...

Wow, I never knew about dissolving packing material, way too cool.

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

how useful XD

that was hilarious: "What the hell is the point in that. Stop making those! Stop making f-ing styrofoam!"

hahaha... good job ryanne... going eco-friendly! :D

that was awesome... watching them all dissolve away!


Eau said...

Hi Ryanne,

Nice video!

Okay, I'm not so sure about the biodegradability of styrofoam, but I'm certain that A LOT OF IT can be dissolved but minimum acetone, so...

Visit for more info.

Also, visit my blog at

All the best,


Mansoor Qaisar said...

wow.... nice videos

Mary Beth said...

Did you eat one?! I did once, it was like a flavorless cheese puff.
I'm a reduce/reuse fanatic (well not fanatic but my family thinks I'm crazy, not the first time). You can reuse both of those packing materials yourself and/or bring the styrofoam peanuts to the post office and they'll reuse them. I've got a great book you can check out on reuse sources (title and link later).

Anonymous said...

Ryanne I think if you put some orange on them they are good with beer.

ryanne said...

is a great videoblog.
i didnt even know about it.

as for reusing materials, sure that's a good idea but how many cycles can they be reused until they are thrown away? then what? they sit in the land fill. even dissolving in acetone is toxic and what happens with the dissolved polystyrene once you have it? what do you do with it?

Anonymous said...

Most people just don't pay attention to the world arround them. Let alone concen themselves with the true cost or concequences of their actions. I'm sure our addiction to trash (disposable one use items) will eventually be solved and the trash we've generated be taken care of by the grandkids of our grandkids at great cost and inconvenience.

For now... We live in a disposable society and every commercial on "TeeVee" demonstrates how short sighted and selfish the world is.


Mike Ambs said...

I know this is a bit off topic - but you should check out Broadcast Machine :)

This really isn't just an ad - I just get so many other vloggers through the Democracy player already - it would great to get Ryanne automatically downloaded too :) that's it.

Thanks for the info on the peanuts.

Cysiam said...

Wow! I have never seen this before. But I have never looked for it eather. Next time I'll pay moore attention to the packing material.

Nice blog by the way!

Felix said...

Complimenti, nice blog you've.
Ciao ciao..

Anonymous said...

yes! Thank you for bringing this up for discussion. I want to make a vlog about how easy it is to use a canvas grocery bag instead of using all that plastic! Some things would be so easy to change if people just begin to dialogue about it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the cornstarch ones are great--here's another nifty idea. If you do a lot of shipping, buy an air pop popcorn popper and buy the really cheap, unflavored, unsalted popcorn.

Pop away! It doesn't weigh much and the person who gets the package can feed the birds and squirrels.

Mary Beth said...

Re: Reusing
I totally agree, when you reuse there's only a matter of time before someone throws it away but better to reuse than throw away after first use.
Clearly reducing is on the top of the hirearchy and absolutely "stop making fucking styrofoam peanuts".
Oh yeah, and that book I was talking about was called, Choose to Reuse by Nikki and David Goldbeck
It's reviewed by Conscious Choice here:

missbhavens said...

Ah, someone beat me to the popcorn-as-packing-material comment!

But I like the idea of the startch ones so much better! I'd never heard of those. And actually, they look like a lot of sun to play with.

jason talbot (jjfever5k) said...

i tried to use those as sponges for awhile and couldn't figure out why it wasn't i know.

Anonymous said...

A landfill containing the next 1,000 years' worth of U.S. garbage would occupy less than one-tenth of one percent of our land.
-source: the prestigious Internet

Mike Machenry said...

I love you ryan! This one made me feel so warm and fuzzy all over. Yes!

Anonymous said...

My son had seen me dissolve peanuts and the next time we got a package he dumped the boxfull of packing into the toilet - These weren't the dissolving kind.