Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Super Happy Dev House X


We like David Weekly. We like Super Happy Dev House. SHDH 10 is this weekend, all weekend. One big geek sleep over! We had the chance to interview David about the upcoming event. Yeah Hackers!


Steve Garfield said...

This was really great.

I enjoyed listening to the interview and learned something.

On the technical side, great sound and video.

Adam said...

Dammit, if only I could bust out some kick-ass Superman-style flying, I'd be at SHDH in a heartbeat. Or, hell, if I could use on of those jacked-up telepods from "The Fly," then I'd be one happy man (or Adamfly, whatever).

Sadly, I am a poor bastard, and I live too far away to just bum a ride. So, I shall have to watch the highlights online (here?), I suppose, and be happy for that.

ryanne said...

yes i will have highlights of SHDHX. i'm out of town but my partner in crime, Jay Dedman, will be attending and taping!

B said...

I've wanted hacker friends for so long. The SHDH videos make them seem to close...yet so far away.

What he said about entrepreneurs is right on. Great interview.

Nick C. said...

I really like this idea.
sounds fun