Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kayne West - "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"

When I first saw this, I honestly thought it was an SNL skit. For once, someone has the balls to tell it like it is on television. If New Orleans was predominately white and middle class, would people be starving in swamp water and surrounded by trash and dead bodies, locked down in a muddy convention center? Doubt it. See an article on Michael Moore's site about it HERE.


art & thought mechanic said...

I hadn't seen this.
Powerful on many media layers and media levels.
Emotionaly (I) tears.

Carl Weaver said...

Way to go, Kanye West. Funny how Mike Meyers got that, "Oh shit" look. Tell it like it is.

Nope, if it were Bush's constituents there would be no two ways about helping. No matter who it is suffering down there, it's tragic. But because of certain demographics, it has become more tragic than it had to become.

This all frustrates the hell out of me. Anybody know how I can help other than just giving money to the Red Cross? I have volunteered with them to be a volunteer in all this and have also volunteered to open up my apartment to a couple people who need shelter and can get here.

Thanks, Ryanne.

Anonymous said...

History has shown that being poor and living at or below sea level can be disasterous.

Wealthy white people, you are to blame.

Anonymous said...

"If New Orleans was predominately white and middle class, would people be starving in swamp water and surrounded by trash and dead bodies, locked down in a muddy convention center? Doubt it."

The middle class packed up their shit and left, regardless of their color.

It's not fair all those folks in New Orleans don't have powerbooks. Everyone in America has a right to own a Powerbook and a video camera.

Hilton T. Blackwell said...

Tell everyone that says" Bush dosen't care about black people" not to fell bad. He doesn't care about the white folks either. Unless your his "Base"
One Love!!!
Big Ups to all the folks helping/volunteering down south!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't given money before I saw that. Now I have given some to the red cross. Thanks for posting that. The scripted appeals didn't move me, he did.

Anonymous said...

the least he could have done was speak intelligibly. he didn't really make any tangible point. i guess when your 'gimmick' is being a college dropout, this dribble is just the next line in your sideshow

ryanne said...
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ryanne said...

#1 anonymous commenters can be jerks and generally are pussies.
#2 lets remember that Steve Jobs' "gimmick" is also that he never even went to college.
#3 a lot of people who are poor, regardless of color, generally don't have the resources to pick up and leave their homes. no reliable transport, no money for gas which costs $5 a gallon down there in the few stations that are even open, no family or friends outside the city with which to seek refuge.
#4 the only wealthy white people i'm blaming are the fuckers in charge of this country.

Lukas Blakk said...

right on for re-posting this! I hope George can be impeached asap.

Anonymous said...

I had read about it, and finally saw it.

Too bad in the West Coast was cut.

We need more people sayign things like it really is.

Thankfully, the internet and Vlogs help in gettign the information flowing. It is more difficoult now for the government to keep th information under closed doors.

I have to go to the airport to pick up a cousin, when I get back, I'll see the resto of the videos.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhhh....Micheal there's a winner.

Unknown said...

you can't honestly think that bush sat in his office and thought "gee, new orleans is full of poor black people...i don't think i'm going to send help." you guys are idiots if you think that. he's the president of the united states...not God. he can't snap his fingers and instantly relocate and feed hundreds of thousands of people. it was a freaking natural disaster...with "natural" being the key word there. Like I said...bush isn't God...he can't control the weather, nor can any of these upper class white folks that you seem to be blaming. think about what your saying. yes it's a disaster...yes it's a tragedy...but we should be directing our efforts on helping the people down south, not blaming an individual for something he essentially had no control over. by the way...for those of you who think bush doesn't like black people...bush has appointed more blacks and minorities to high government positions than any other president in the history of our country.

Anonymous said...

When the left says "black" they mean the poor, uneducated people in need of government money.

Colin Powell and Condi Rice don't count as "black".

Anonymous said...

Hey, who says we don't like rich white folks? Some of my neighbors are employed by rich white folks!

If a CEO of a company you had a major stake in made bad decisions that resulted in many people dying, wouldn't we call attention to that, request an investigation, and if need be, fire that person? At the very least, a gracious good leader would accept responsibility for all the decisions made under his or her leadership. Bush was the one who appointed Brown (who is not really qualified for the job) and stuck FEMA under homeland security. Additionally, it is also under Bush'leadership that it took so long for federal troops to go in there to help (there was an aircraft carrier stationed just outside of New Orleans that had a full supply of food and water, about 500 hospital beds and helicopters but were told to not get involved with what was going on in New Orleans or they would face court martial). Bush doesn't need to make an active decision to stick it to the black folks- it's much easier than that. It doesn't require much decision to not care about the fate of poor people, regardless of color. Think of how easy it is to walk past a homeless person.